While I do not ever write about client’s on this blog, I do write about things that have been inspired by client interactions (such as but not limited to “when working with a client that has major depressive disorder, I learned that many clients with MDD also have…”; “The other day when working with a client, it got me thinking about interviewing techniques…”, etc.). Additionally, I write about the Practice of Social Work (in general), which inherently means that (in some way) I am writing about my interaction with agencies, colleagues, and clients, because much like the name of my field implies, Social Workers don’t exist within a vacuum, but rather within society as a whole.

Therefore: in line with HIPAA regulations concerning protected health information, and in accordance with NASW ethical standards, any information that would allow someone to know who the person or agency is that is being written about has been either changed, significantly modified or eliminated. This includes obvious things like names and birth dates, but may also contain other information that would be unique to the person or agency that would allow for identification of either. This includes, but is not limited to a specific diagnosis (or diagnoses) that would allow for identification, race/ethnicity/gender, name, location, or type of practice. Any factors that are included that are directly related to the case presentation are included if – and only if – they will not allow for identification of the client(s) or agency. The final post or page on this blog/website is written in such a way that the client, agency, or colleague could read the piece that was inspired by them, and never be able to come to the conclusion that they were the locus and/or spark of inspiration.