Why “Social Work Desk?”
My first “Social Work” job I had while I was an MSW student started with me being the only generalist in a Social Services agency…everyone else was either a clinical social worker, or working in refugee resettlement…so I had a desk, in a walk in closet that I shared with six people (I was eventually promoted up to having a desk with an office that I shared with one other person). Sometimes all you have is a desk…and it’s at this incredible invention that you do your best to change the world.

What’s With The Typewriter?
You’ve never worked in Social Work, have you? Sometimes that’s the most modern piece of office equipment you’ll get! Also it was royalty free for commercial use, for no cost courtesy of Pixabay, so there’s that too…but seriously, you’d be *amazed* at how we make antiquated equipment and no budgets work…

Who Are You?
I’m an MSW graduate student in their last 5 months of coursework and field placement. My field placement required that I take any social media presence (where clients could find me by name) offline as a requirement for accepting my position. So I started this website, paid extra for “domain privacy” and had a very generous friend provide me hosting and help setup this WordPress, because I have been an avid blogger for years, and there’s still a lot of things that I want to write about (and #MACROSW discussions I want to take part in), and having an online presence is a part of my Social Work practice. That said, I also love my Field Placement and want to make sure that I follow their rules…so this is the best of both worlds.

As far as you’re concerned, I’m That Soon to be MSW Guy 🙂

What will be on this site?
This site is setup to be a way for me to communicate my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs regarding Social Work and the Social Work Profession. I hope to use it as a way of conveying to the public the importance of the profession, as well as to use it as a tool to communicate with my colleagues about things that are important to us (thoughts and ideas on emerging research, best practices, etc.).