This is your quick reminder…

This is your quick reminder that it’s okay to take some time for you. You’re doing the best you can, and that’s okay…in fact it’s great, and it’s awesome! I hope you’re having a great day, but if you aren’t, there are people who love and adore you…and work isn’t everything: it doesn’t define who you are as a person, it’s just one of many many many parts of who you are…and even if today was a bad day, you’ve survived every bad day until now, and you’ll get through this one too. Go have a cup of coffee or tea, sit for a few minutes, enjoy it…breathe in the aroma, and take some time for you. Take a couple of deep breathes, relax your shoulders, clear your mind…and when you’re ready, get back to work…the world needs you.

Sunday Paperwork Catchup & Doing The Best You Can

Today is a paperwork catch up day: lots of paperwork to scan in and shred, some assignments to get done or get started on, and lots of writing to do! There’s also a fair amount of home office clean up to get done as well (fortunately, the folks at UFYH have made that a bit easier for everyone).

I was also hoping to get some volunteer work in this weekend, but that’s just not going to be possible (since the laws of physics still apply to me) so I’m going to remind myself that the only thing I can expect from myself is to “do the best I can” and so long as that standard is met, I get to be cool with myself.

Now, time to get cracking on the home office clean up, so I have the space to actually get my paperwork done…and then I’ll probably order a pizza…because social work students survive on a healthy dosage of carbohydrates and cheese.